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Innovating companies improve their proposals, and product quality or services by periodically modulating their activities and consequently enlarging their financial incomes. This approach is not risk-less.


The planning of the “development strategy” focuses mainly on the company characteristics reaching efficiency through maximization of resources and skills exploitation within the company. 


Our proposes a model organized to practically support management and development through consulting and participation. We practically assist the customer searching for project determinants and explore together possible collaboration strategies.

How to


Project development cannot be considered as a mere realization of technical drawings or building site management, but a full set of information and elements to be rationally coordinated and organized. This statement reflects our “Modus Operandi”,  defining our philosophy Project.

We therefore imagine the “Project development and coordination” not only as technical drawings execution deserved to production, but as an information complex to be coordinated in a whole.


Just a matter of method and technological culture. We assess and monitor all different steps of the process even when information are lacking. We propose alternative choices if necessary, after discussion with different actors, supported by a multi language staff.

Our mission


Project Development and Coordination is the discipline of planning, organizing , motivating and control resources to fulfill specific objectives in development and engineering process.

A project is a temporary undertaking planned to create a product, a service or a particular outcome; defining a start and an end (usually with impositions of time, and often constrained by budget and / or deliveries) .


The primary challenge of design development and management is to achieve all of the same aims and targets, respecting the established duties and obligations, which for us are:

  • purpose and its technical solution 

  • time 

  • quality 

  • budget

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